Ruling Letters 2018

CN-2018-231-D Repeal of the Grace Period for the Paymento fo Premiums Established in Ruling Letters No. CN-2017-221-D, CN-2017-222-D, and CN-2017-227-D January 10, 2018 View
CN-2018-232-EX To All Domestic Insurers Authorized in Puerto Rico to Transact Property and Casualty Insurance Business January 16, 2018 View
CN-2018-233-D Implementation of the "P.R. Insurance Data Collection Report for Hurricane Maria" for Gathering Statistical Data on Claims that are a Consecuence of Hurricane Maria; and Repeal of Circular Letters CC-2017-1917-ES, CC-2017-1919-D, and CC-2018-1922-D. January 24, 2018



CN-2018-234-D Repeal of Ruling Letters Nos. CN-2017-221-D,
CN-2017-222-D, and CN-2017-227-D
March 1, 2018 View
CN-2018-235-D Term for Delivery of Property Insurance Policies March 1, 2018 View
CN-2018-236-AS Form and Rate Filings Submissions to be Effective for Calendar Year 2019 March 7, 2018


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CN-2018-238-AS Extension of the Transition Process Applicable to Certain Health Insurance Renewals up to September 30, 2019. March 20, 2018 View
CN-2018-239-D Suspension of the Filing Requirement for Amendments to Endorsement Forms Referring to Interruption of Business Coverage in Commercial Property Policies and Coastal Condominium Insurance Policies. April 2, 2018 View
CN-2018-240-D Accounting Treatment, Filing of Annual Report, and Release of the Catastrophe Loss Insurance Reserve. April 6, 2018 View